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Well, hello there! 

Do you know that you are the only one who is interested in your career and in getting a good job for you?


So, own the process and...

  • get response from your job applications;

  • plan and manage your career;

  • pass job interviews and get job offers;

  • get promoted faster.

  • remove anything that is hindering your life goals and fulfilment.

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Masha Ovechkina
Job searching expert and career consultant
in Australia


Do you know someone who truly cares about your career?  in your job prospects?

Anyone besides you?

It's time for you to own the process, own your future and...

  • get response from your job applications;

  • plan and manage your career;

  • ace job interviews and get job offers;

  • get promoted faster.

  • remove anything that is hindering your life goals and fulfilment.

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Prices are in Australian Dollars


About me

   I'm Masha. I am an ICF-certified career coach with a degree in psychology and 17 years of experience in talent acquisition both in-house and within a recruitment agency.


Thus, I have had experience using hundreds  of talent acquisition practices and have interviewed thousands of candidates who shared their career stories

   I got to know all the recruitment backstage secrets.


   This knowledge and experience will take your job search and career up to the next level.


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Alex S.



Maria is a highly educated and very experienced professional. I met her personally some time ago, when she was putting efforts to get me a job in Sydney. This year, when Corona hit Australia, I had a great time talking to Maria and getting her valuable consultations about the proposal role in Gladstone QLD. She helped me heaps to assess all pros and cons before reallocation to a little industrial town from Bondi Beach. This helped a lot and I very appreciate Maria's personal approach and ability to draw attention to the minor yet crucial details that could be easily disregarded due to the stress time and high competition on the ob market. Anyone struggling to find a job or estimate the chances of being employed - I would highly recommend Maria as a career consultant.

Anna G.

Scientific Recruiter


Masha helped me with my career and personal needs. During the lockdown, I began to feel insecure in all areas of my life. Sessions with Masha helped me put everything in its place, identify problem areas and a plan for working with them. Masha will always ask the right question.

Sergey S.

BD&L Manager EMEA

I'd like to recommend Maria as a genuine expert both in recruitment and career consulting areas. I had the pleasure of working with Maria as a client and I was impressed by her ability to deal with the cumbersome hiring procedures of big pharmacos - effortlessly. That skill often takes many years to develop among consultants, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to Maria. In my case, Maria helped me a lot to land the opportunity I really needed. I am absolutely sure that Maria would be an asset both as a team member or as a leader, and any candidate would be lucky to have her as a consultant.

Sabbir A.



After completing my degree in biotechnology, I gained experience in the industry. But I was having issues of explaining those experiences in the the interviews. I felt like I need someone to guide me and help me out to nail the interview. Maria was the person who gave me the confidence and sharpened my interview skills with her professional way. It was very helpful and the result was, I got the job. I highly recommend her professional services which can give success to the jobseekers out there in this competitive market. Thank you Maria.

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