SKILLS: what should you put on your CV?

CV writing, always a topic of interest, has become a hot topic nowadays, mostly because of AI technologies in HR. Recruiters say that there are heaps of suitable candidates and they can fill most jobs faster than ever. That is why the CV needs to be carefully written.

When writing a CV, you need to highlight your worth for the employer. Everything that you write in a CV should sell you for the job you are applying for.

Now, pay attention to the “Skills” section of your CV. It is relatively small and unfairly treated as being unimportant. Nothing could be further from the truth!! Skills are the only thing you are selected by. This is the part you need to begin with when starting to apply for a specific job. Matching your skills with the job skills will let you create a competitive CV and showcase your contribution in the best possible way.

Well, a spoiler is that you only add words to this section if they are appropriate. Do not embed 'pottery', even if it's true if you are looking for a job in pharmaceuticals.

First of all, don't make claims of skills if they are not provable. You can say "Excellent communication skills", but without evidence, those are just boasts.

Furthermore, as per my extensive recruitment experience, I don't know any recruiter who would be looking for a candidate in databases who uses key phrases such as "excellent communication skills", "inspirational leader" or "team player". You may guess my point already.

But remember. Recruiters are well-trained to search for relevant candidates, and hiring managers are equally specific in their selection criteria.

1) There is no use in mentioning such skills as Microsoft office, browsers, email programs or voice programs. These are too basic and are assumed as minimal skills.