Online JobSeeker Course

This online course with live support from industry professionals will teach you how to: 

  • Create a competitive CV

  • Develop a powerful cover letter

  • Upgrade your Linkedin 

  • Ace every job interview

"This is one of AU's first online job-seeking courses that have been created to equip you with modern, ground-breaking skills and tools to boost your job search and finally land your dream job ASAP".

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Upon course completion you will take away a CV, cover letter, updated LinkedIn profile, job interview skills + you will learn:

How to grab the attention of recruiters with your CV;

The secrets of CV and cover letter customisation;

How to make a powerful Linkedin profile;

Incorporating ATS compliant keywords where you need them;

Making your application stand out by providing an authentic and well-written cover letter;

Being a standout in interviews and masterfully answering those tricky questions;

Dealing professionally with self-presentation and playing on your achievements and strengths;

Managing anxiety, stress and self-doubt during your job search process;

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The course is for:

-       Recent graduates;

-       Young professionals who are looking for a career change;

-       Professionals looking for a job;

-       Overseas Professionals preparing to come to Australia.

Reason #1 to enrol now

Below are the minimum prices for the services on the market:

CV + cover letter - from $350

LinkedIn profile upgrade - from $400

Job Interview training - from$250

Career coaching - From $200

Enrolling in this course will save you over $1000

About us

Masha Ovechkina
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A professional career coach with a degree in psychology and 13 years of experience at Kelly Services, one of the largest recruitment companies in the world. 

Christina Croner
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A professional CV writer. Founder of Get The Job Australia, a job-seeker coaching business specialising in résumé writing, cover letter coaching, and LinkedIn profiles. 

What to expect:


You will immerse into process of increasing your market value. 

Coach's support

You will get personal feedback and advice at every step.

6 video lessons

During the course you will be getting an access to 6 classes.

Study on-demand

This is not a webinar and you can follow your own schedule. 

5 Hometasks

Every video lesson is followed up by the hometask with clear instructions that will take 20-40 min.

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Christmas Deal!

This is an option that does not include personal feedback from the coaches. 


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6 lessons with personal feedback on the home tasks from the coaches.


Start at any time

6 lessons with personal feedback on the home tasks + 2 personal services:

  • 1-hour job interview training;

  • CV editing


The online Jobseeker course could be an ideal gift for anyone who is looking for a job,  


Show your care to your close people by supporting them through a challenging time and contribute to their future success.

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